Abrites Updates

Abrites Updates 

Actualizari disponibile pentru clientii cu AMS activ. 

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Abrites diagnostics for FIAT/ Chrysler/ FCA version 7.4 

In version 7.4 we will now have the option to produce transponders for the FIAT IDEA after 2008 in the Transponder maker tool. With this functionality the ability to produce a transponder and make a key for this model will be significantly easier. 

There are also many improvements to the interface and the functionality allowing easy workflow and simplified usage. 
Abrites Diagnostics for Opel/ Vauxhall version 7.4 
In the new version of the Abrites Diagnostics for Opel/ Vauxhall we can expect to see a great leap forward towards key programming and PIN code reading for the Insignia B model. 

All customers who have the ON013 function and a valid AMS will now be able to read the PIN code from the BCM of the Insignia B model and the addition of keyless key programming. 

With version 7.3 we were only able to program mechanical keys and now we can also do keyless. 

Abrites Diagnostics for VAG version 35.0 

In version 35.0 of the Abrites diagnostics for VAG you can expect to see the following new features: 

- Reading the PIN/CS from Magneti Marelli 9GV engine control unit (requires DSBox). A new function for the new Magneti Marelli 9GV ECUs, the ECUs are now supported for adaptation and PIN/CS extraction. 

- MED 17.5.21/MED17.5.24 PIN/CS decoding. This will allow the adaptation of these ECUs using IMMO parts adaptation or IMMO V adaptation depending on what car they are installed in. 

- EDC17C74/EDC17CP54 immo off. Allows the immobilizer part of the ECU to be turned off so that we can move the car to a workshop where we can perform adaptation. 

- EDC17C74/EDC17CP54 flash checksum calculation. Very helpful for chiptuners allowing us to change the map inside the flash and recalculate the checksum for the ECU so that it functions correctly. 

- VW UP! 2015/2016/2017 - Added new version for key-learning. The latest VW UP! came with a new transponder system which was not covered in the previous versions 

- Read/write immobilizer data for VDO MQB dashboards by OBDII (working key is required) 

- A4/A5/Q5 2014+ All keys lost added. Free for all customers with VN003 and a valid AMS 

- A6/ A7/ A8/ Touareg 2010+ Spare key programming added. Free for all customers with VN003 and a valid AMS 

- JCI cluster MQB spare key programming added. Free for all customers with VN009 and a valid AMS 

- New versions of MQB added with working key (spare key programming). Free for all customers with VN009 and a valid AMS 

- Component security code extraction by OBD using the key programming special function VN003. This is extremely useful and free for all customers using VN003. 

- Improved Kessy decoding (Audi A8/Touareg/Phaethon/Bentley 2003-2010) - for the cases where the production year of the Kessy is about 2006/2007. We can now assist in the adaptation and key programming in the cases where there is a mismatch of the KESSY and the car. 

Abrites TAG key tool version 10.6 

With version 10.6 besides the numerous improvements to the existing functionality we can now clone the DST40 transponders used in TESLA vehicles. With the help of the TAG key tool and PROTAG this will be possible once the new version is released. 

Abrites diagnostics for Hyundai and KIA version 4.1 

In version 4.1 of the Abrites diagnostics for Hyundai and KIA you can expect to see the following: 

New versions of the BCM modules added for PIN code reading - our support base for KIA and Hyundai vehicles is growing constantly, since the last update we have been adding new versions, new models for many Hyundai and KIA cars. With the help of the Abrites diagnostics 

for Hyundai and KIA we can make more and more keys for a very big percentage of the cars produced for Europe, America and Korea. More specifical updates below: 

- Added support for key teaching for Smart Key Unit with key slot. The previously unsupported models with a slot are now covered for PIN code reading and key programming. 

-Added support for PIN code reading for Smart Key Unit with key slot. Covered in version 4.1 

-Added diagnostics for CAN UDS Smart Key Unit and CAN UDS BCM. 

- Numerous new diagnsotic features for the Hyundai and KIA cars Worldwide, now we can perform diagnostics to cars with CAN/ UDS protocol and assist with diangostics for them. 


Abrites diagnostics for Renault/ Dacia online version 31.6 

In version 31.6 of the Abrites diagnostics for Renault/ Dacia Online software you can expect to see even more development through the online platform. We now have the following new fetures: 

- Added renew UCH of Talisman, Megane IV, Scenic IV, Espace V. This allows the replacement of fautly UCH modules of this new generation of the Renault vehicles. 

- Added adaptation UCH, ESL and Engine of Talisman, Megane IV, Scenic IV, Espace V. For the same reason as above we can replace a faulty UCH in the latest generation of Renault vehicles. 

- Improved cluster recalibration of Visteon dashboard of Talisman, Megane IV, Scenic IV, Espace V. New versions added to the software, improved coverage of the Visteon clusters allowing for more models to be supported. 

- Added adaptation ESL and Engine of Clio III with Card. Very useful function allowing us to work with the replacement of the ESLs and ECUs of the Clio III cars that use cards. 

- PIN reading timeouts of Talisman, Megane IV, Scenic IV, Espace V improved, faster reading, easier access and new models added to support list. 

- Improved key learning of early models Talisman and Espace V from 2015. Much easier procedure for these vehicles allowing us to program key cards when all keys are lost or ading a key card to the existing in the car. New UCH versions added. 

- Improved key learning of Clio III with Card. Key programming for cards and remotes for the Clio III allows the programming to be faster and easier with All keys lost or adding a key. 

- Improved cluster recalibration of JCI dashboard in various Dacia models. New models added, easier procedure, faster and better Cluster calibration. 


Abrites diagnostics for Nissan/Infiniti online version 31.6 

In the new software update we will have a completely new online software for the Abrites diagnsotics for Nissan and Infiniti. With it we continue the trend to create new online software to update and replace the old offline software with the easy to use new interface 

which allows us to create new functions and make the software easier to use. The online software platform also allows us to make changes on the fly to add test features for our customers and to create new functions without the necessity to send large update files to 

be installed on you computer. In the first online version of the Abrites diagnostics for Nissan/Infiniti online you can see the following: 

- Completely new online based diagnostic interface for Infiniti - vehicle scan, modules identification, live data, read/clear dtcs, actuators, key learning 

- Key programming for Nissan Juke and Micra improved with new BCMs added and new features to allow easier key and remote programming. 


Abrites Diagnstics for Peugeot/ Citroen - PSA version 7.9 

In version 7.9 of the Abrites diagnostics for PSA you can find the following new features: 

- Improved support for Continental UDS BSI 2015+, Delphi CAN BSI 2013+ and JCI CAN BSI 2015+. Key programming will now be easier, reading the PIN code will take less time than before and we have new BSI modules added to our support list. 

- Improved support for Citroen C5 II dashboards 2015+. Cluster calibration for the previously unsupported clusters added, new models, easier access and faster operation. 

- Improved support for KLINE Siemens BSI used in Peugeot 206, Berlingo. The previously unsupported K-line BSI modules added and the existed ones have been improved. 


Abrites diagnostics for Mercedes Online version 31.6 

With version 31.6 of the Abrites diagnostics for Mercedes we continue the trend to add new ECUs and models for SCN coding. All of our latest developments can be seen in the new software version. 

This update will include the following: 

- 72 new electronic control units added for coding, together they have 925 new software variations, all of which include up to 717 new SCN coding abilities.

- All of these electronic control units have  been included for SCN coding with a special attention to FBS 4 vehicles such as  W217 and W282. 

- New SMART functions have been added. An example of that is the  Airbag seat mat removal, Clear crash data, etc. allowing easy, fast coding for these units to be performed for the most common issues you may encounter during your work. 

- FBS4 Manager has been greatly improved for reading and renewal - new unit versions have been added meaning that there will be even more ECU versions supported. The reading speed has been improved which shortens the reading and renewal time. 

- The online functionality has been improved greatly in order to withstand poor internet conditions allowing the work process to be performed in places with poor internet quality. 


Abrites Diagnostics for BMW/ Mini/ Rolls Royce Online version 31.6 

Here are the new features and improvements to the Abrites diagnostics for BMW/ Mini/ Rolls Royce version 31.6 

- Latest ISTA-P software versions added for the coding and programming of modules also for module replacement. Our customers can now benefit from the following ISTA- P versions which are the latest possible: (64.0.600 , 64.2.00065.1.002) and SDP 4.11.30 

- New sofware and firmware versions of the ZF 8HP EGS gearboxes added for replacement, we now support 12 new versions ready for 8 HP replacement and coding. 

- New versions of FEM modules added, we can now program keys, replace and perform calibration for 6 new types of FEM for all of the features we support for the modules. 

- New versions of BDC modules added , we can now program keys, replace and perform calibration for 4 new types of BDC for all of the features we support for the modules. 

-New method for writing the files in Coding and Central Coding(Vehicle order). The Abrites and E-SYS files are now interchangeable. 

- Additional stabilization and improvements to reflashing and coding overall.