Abrites New Functions 01.03.2023

We are happy to introduce to you our newest products:FBS4 ESL UNBLOCK FUNCTIONALITY/MN033
Our new functionality for unblocking FBS4 Electronic Steering Lock is now available!

Introducing our latest product, the MN033 – FBS4 Electronic Steering Lock Repair, designed to tackle the common problem of “ELV Component Fault” in Electronic Steering Lock (ESL/ELV) modules that prevent vehicles from starting and being driven.
Our MN033 functionality provides a quick and easy solution to clear the critical error that blocks the electronic steering lock, allowing customers to repair the module and if the parts are not fully defected – unlocking the steering wheel will be possible (which will allow easy disassembly of the module from the steering column).

With the MN033, customers can save time and resources by resolving issues with ALL ESL modules in FBS4 cars. Our innovative product enables customers to get a vehicle back on the road faster, providing a more efficient problem-solving approach for FBS4 cars’ electronic steering lock issues.The price of MN033 is 450 EUR and there is also a change in the price of the
Mercedes passenger cars Full. The price of MN00C is increased to 3350 EUR.

The ZN080 – BCM2 Solder-Free Connection Set makes it much easier to connect to these modules and perform key programming procedures.

The three removable adapter boards are compatible BCM2 modules in a selection of vehicles, which allow customers to connect to them fast and easy.
Supported vehicles with BCM2 modules:
• Audi A4 vehicles 2008-2016
• Audi A5 vehicles 2008-2016
• Audi Q5 vehicles 2008-2016
• Audi A6 vehicles 2010-2018
• Audi A7 vehicles 2010-2018
• Audi A8 vehicles 2010-2018
• Volkswagen Touareg 2010-2018
• Lamborghini Huracan 2014+
Customers need an active AMS and VN020 license to be able to complete key programming procedures. The ZN063 power supply is also required.