Abrites Update MN034

The FBS4 Personalization Expert allows personalization of modules from the FBS4 generation of Mercedes DAS (Drive Authorization System).

•  Ability to personalize all types of virgin control modules (Engine Control Unit, Transmission Control Unit, DSM, Hybrid Invertor, Electric Motor 1 and 2.) via the vehicle’s internal CAN-BUS, for some of these modules this was possible before but was much more complicated.
•  Among the supported modules we also have the following: EMS71, MRD1 , MRG1, CRR2, which are only supported by the Abrites FBS4 Manager.
•  As an upgrade from the MN032 we no longer require ZN051 Distribution Box for the personalization of Transmission Controllers.
•  In the cases where we have a virgin module of any of the above types the personalization process is performed completely by the internal CAN-BUS
•  Personalization of MED177, MED1775,MED40,CR40, CR41, CR42, CR43, CR60LS, CR61 ECUs when NO PREVIOUSLY PERSONALIZATION DATA IS AVAILABLE! 
For these modules MN034 eliminates  the problems with personalization when the old ECU is missing! The list of supported control modules for personalization when the old module is missing will be updated continuously as we progress.
•  Currently MN032, MN034 have partial restrictions for W223/W206 based models. Our coverage will be extended for these models after we release an additional communication adapter for AVDI.
All owners of the MN032 license (purchased before December 13, 2023) will  receive the MN034 free of charge. AVDI and AMS are required.