-Added Airbag Toyota Rav4,Siena(R7F1016443) Bench Connection * Tested on Part numbers:89170-8203089170-4272089170-4269089170-48E30

Date of publication 01.07.2023 -UHDS ALLInOne

-Added Airbag Suzki Continental SPC560-Added Airbag Suzki Continental RH850 -Added Airbag MG Continental RH850

-Clear Crash

-Read Errros

-Erase Errros

Date of publication 26.06.2023 -UHDS ALLInOne

-Added Airbag Toyota Desno R7F701A223 OBD or bench connection

 -clear Crash

Date of publication 20.06.2023 -UHDS ALLInOne
-Added Airbag Toyota Yaris 4,Auris (R7F1016843) Bench Connection *
 Tested on Part numbers:
 -CLear Crash
 -Read Dataflash
 -Write DataFlash
 -Read Errors
 -Ease Errors
 *required UHDS with CAN FD